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Request for proposals: Rethinking Recycling operational management tool

June 19, 2020

McKinsey.org is requesting proposals from interested parties to build or adapt a software platform for the operational management of recycling sorting centers.

McKinsey.org is an independent non-profit founded in 2018 by McKinsey & Company to address the world’s most complex social and environmental challenges by partnering across sectors to create lasting and substantial impact. Rethinking Recycling – our flagship program – aims to empower every community to build green, inclusive and economic recycling ecosystems.

Our first initiative is to build a modular operational and financial management tool for sorting center operational managers, admin, collectors, sorters and the program team. This Operational Platform will help operational managers run efficient, profitable sorting centers and form a core part of McKinsey.org’s scaling model. It will also allow us to start to gather a more holistic data set which shows how different elements of the value chain work together and start to build a data-backed set of initiatives for the following stages of development.

Applications are due by 13th July 2020. Please reach out to Barry@mckinsey.org for questions and clarifications.