Global leadership

Dr. Mona Mourshed, President and CEO headshot

Dr. Mona Mourshed

President and CEO
Claire Baumann headshot

Claire Baumann

Director of Communications
Shannon Bouton, PhD, Global Executive Director, Sustainable Communities headshot

Dr. Shannon Bouton

Global Executive Director, Sustainable Communities
Gwen Davidow headshot

Gwen Davidow

Director of Operations

Sustainable communities

Cynthia Shih, Global Director, Sustainable Communities headshot

Cynthia Shih

Global Director, Knowledge, Sustainable Communities
Lucas Gastaldi Asensio headshot

Lucas Gastaldi Asensio

Program Manager, Argentina, Sustainable Communities
Abieta Billy headshot

Abieta Billy

Assuncao Chaves headshot

Assuncao Chaves

Dhia Fani headshot

Dhia Fani

Ella Flaye headshot

Ella Flaye

Regional Director, Asia, Sustainable Communities
Louise Hannecart headshot

Louise Hannecart

Tomi Kencana headshot

Tomi Kencana

Monica Larrazabal headshot

Monica Larrazabal

Tifani Lusiana headshot

Tifani Lusiana

Parvathy Menon headshot

Parvathy Menon

Imam Rezki headshot

Imam Rezki

Larissa Sakamoto headshot

Larissa Sakamoto

Program Manager, Argentina, Sustainable Communities
Boogie Setiawan headshot

Boogie Setiawan

Mariano Spitale headshot

Mariano Spitale

Project lead, Argentina, Sustainable Communities
Hana Tomozawa headshot

Hana Tomozawa

Board of Directors

Jon Garcia headshot

Jon Garcia

Michael Silber headshot

Michael Silber

Phillia Wibowo headshot

Phillia Wibowo

Jonathan Woetzel headshot

Jonathan Woetzel