Helping nonprofits be their best at doing good

At, our mission is to unlock the full potential of nonprofits. We share the best of McKinsey’s capability building solutions — offering programs that nurture leaders, foster more effective organizations, and align teams on new ways of working. By strengthening and empowering the talent within nonprofits, we amplify their impact across generations. is invested in the long-term success of nonprofits – for their people, for our communities, and for a more sustainable and inclusive world.

Through nonprofits have access to unique programs designed to uplift an entire organization.

Accelerating Impact

Ability to Execute is a suite of capability building programs that has been delivered to more than 200 organizations and over 235,000 employees around the world. These proven solutions help nonprofits unlock the potential of their teams, and equip their entire organization with the core skills and mindsets necessary to deliver against their mission.

Improving Organizational Health

Building on more than twenty years of research and over 7 million responses, the OHI helps an organization align around a common vision, execute against that vision, and renew itself through innovation and creative thinking to more effectively help the people it serves.

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